"I have been a client of Bridget's now for a number of years and have always been extremely satisfied with the very professional and beneficial services provided by her and members of the staff. I have found massage to be one of the most effective treatments to help me cope with my fibromyalgia. I have also appreciated Bridget's willingness to share resources and information that will help me on a day-to-day basis to feel better. I look very forward to my appointments with Bridget and to spending a little while at the spa relaxing in a very peaceful and inviting environment." 
— Marianne Morgan

"I have been a client for 10 years now. Walking into Healing Hands today with its smells of aromatherapy, sounds of relaxing music with a welcoming couch and chair accompanied by a warm fireplace is sure to put one in a peaceful state. I do some of my best meditating there while waiting for my massage. My job is very physical and I find having a massage once a month has been very healing to my body, mind and soul. Touch is very healing and powerful!" 
— Jan Stubley

"I have been going to Bridget since she first came to Warsaw. I visit once a month as part of my health maintenance routine. I have not only enjoyed times of relaxation but also quicker recovery from the discomfort of pulled and strained muscles. I recommend and often give the gift of a massage to my family and friends so they can reap the benefits that come from a good massage."
— Peggy Ess

"Healing Hands Massage and Spa is a warm and inviting atmosphere filled with wonderful people who make me feel welcome each time I walk through the door. The soothing music, the soft glowing lights, the extravagant smells all add to the experience of entering Healing Hands. The tanning beds add comfort while soft, relaxing music plays as I let go of my stress from the day."
— Colleen Bellezza

"I have been a long time customer because I can depend on quality, knowledgeable and professional care. Healing Hands not only offers relaxation but also relief to orthopedic problems. Once you experience this, you will want to return. A great experience for the entire family!"
— Janet Coveny

"The professionalism and caring make it a very pleasurable experience. I would refer anyone I know to Healing Hands."
— Liz H.

"Massage therapy should be a central component in every athlete's training and recovery routine. The care and expertise I've received from Healing Hands has allowed me to reach my fitness goal and complete on a higher level than I anticipated. They produce results that allow you to maximize your potential."
— Mark Herman​​​​​​​

"My visits at Healing Hands Massage & Spa began on a regular basis when Bridget worked on my neck injury. Her hands are magic and I look forward to each visit knowing the results are fantastic."
— Elaine Almeter​​​​​​​