Your First Massage Appointment

Your First Massage Appointment

A brief confidential health form is filled out (download here and bring it to your appointment) so we can determine the most beneficial and safest treatment for you. This information allows us to further benefit your massage experience through observing habits, lifestyle, work, daily routines etc.. A general discussion will take place to figure out the best treatment and technique for you.

Draping is always required and discreet. Depending on the technique being used you may not have to be undressed. Underwear is usually left on and a sheet or towel is draped over your body, and only the area being massaged is left undraped.

The rooms warm ambience immediately brings relaxation, as you rest on a comfortable padded table supported by pillows and a headrest for ultimate comfort. The atmosphere will be quiet, warm, and dimly lit, while tranquil music & pure essential oils surround you to set the atmosphere.

Natural oils and creams are used for massage, and scented essential oils may be added to deepen your relaxation. Oil/cream is determined by the technique that is applied.

Gentle pressure is usually applied for your first massage and varies in certain areas of injury or tension. Deeper pressure may be used as needed to your comfort level. Communication from client to therapist is important for your experience to be optimal.

During the massage talking is optional. Questions and conversation are welcomed, but will be kept at a minimal from the therapist. It is your time and you should determine how it is spent. Closing your eyes, relaxing into the table and just letting go to escape into a place of peace is suggested. Breathing is important during a massage to help you and your tissue relax. Your experience should not make you tighten up or be too painful. If this is happening, please inform your therapist the pressure is too much.

Sessions are ½ hour, 1 hour, and 1½ hours, while Spa services vary in time. Usually a ½ hour is over before you know it, while an hour gives you more time to relax from stress and busy day.

Depending on the technique used, you may feel sore and tired after the massage or the following day. This is NORMAL. The toxins and wastes that have built up in your muscles are being released and eliminated, and during this process soreness may occur. After some time the soreness will lessen and you will feel better. Make sure to drink a lot of water after your massage.

Following your massage, we welcome any questions you may have. In the end, the biggest question will be answered from your massage experience and the way you feel. We look forward to treating you!

Enjoy & Happy Health!