Swedish Massage

Take your stress away with this traditional soothing technique that increases circulation, relieves muscle tension/soreness, strengthens immune system, decreases blood pressure and induces relaxation.

Essential Add-Ins:

  • Paraffin Hand Wrap ($10)
  • New! Aromatherapy Massage ($10)
  • Hot Stone Massage ($15)
  • Reflexology ($15)
  • New! Himalayan Salt Stone Massage ($15)
  • New! Cupping Therapy ($15)
  • Cupping Therapy ($15)
  • Meridian Abdominal Massage ($15)
  • Stress Reliever * Soothing Leg Treatment * Sinus Soother * Back Refresher ($15)
  • Mini Express Facial ($20)
  • Spa Hand Treatment or Spa Foot Treatment ($20)
  • CBD Cream ($15)
1/2 Hour Session :: $50
1 Hour Session :: $85
1 + 1/2 Hour Session :: $110

Therapeutic Medical Massage (advanced certification)

Specializing in injury rehabilitation & pain management therapy for chronic pain & muscle, tendon, ligament and joint injuries. Includes Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Active Isolated Stretching, Includes Orthopedic/Clinical Sports Massage. Benefits: tendonitis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, sciatica, rotator cuff, headaches/migraines, bursitis, work & accident related injuries, pre & post surgical conditions.

1/2 Hour Session :: $50
1 Hour Session :: $85
1 + 1/2 Hour Session :: $110

Meridian Abdominal Massage

Connect your body through meridian points and caring, gentle strokes on the abdomen to encourage relaxation, better digestion, release stagnant energy, & soothe intestinal conditions. Help your entire body heal through this amazing treatment.

1/2 Hour Session :: $60
Add into your massage :: $15
Add hot stones :: $15

Stress Reliever

Now offering a 20 minute stress relief massage, perfect to fit in your busy day. Includes shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage with essential oils and warm hydrating facial towels to calm & refresh.

:: $35
Add to massage for :: $15

Sinus Soother

Begins with a a warm towel back massage. Then your face, head, neck & shoulders are massaged with the perfect essential oil blend to relieve sinus congestion & reduce headaches. Warm towels gently cocoon your face during massage to open breathing passage ways. Eucalyptus & mint oils used.

:: $35
Add to massage for :: $15


Enjoy this foot massage concentrated on points related to your body; drift away to serenity and detoxify your body.

1 Session :: $60

Marma Scalp & Face Massage

This amazing treatment uses specific facial points to reduce your stress & bring you to complete relaxation. Includes face, neck, ears and finished with a scalp massage. Given by Bridget.

1 Session :: $60

Pregnancy Massage (pre and postnatal)

One hour session, (1st tri-mester with Dr.'s permission); take time to relax. pamper, prepare your body for labor.

  • Reduce Swelling/Edema
  • Relieve Leg Cramps
  • Ease Back Discomfort/Sciatica
  • Decrease Heartburn/Nausea
  • Learn Tips on Infant Massage
1 Hour Session :: $85

Hot Stone Massage

Our deepest relaxation treatment as warm stones are placed on specific relaxation points and alternately glide from head to toe for the deepest relaxation while your skin is hydrated with pure jojoba oil.

:: $90

LaStone Therapy

(The Original Hot Stone Massage)

Deepen your relaxation while you are softly massaged with pure essential oils as specifically placed stones, alance and give tranqulity. Smooth, warm, basalt and cool marble stones are alternated and massaged on your body to detoxify, relax and strengthen your immune system.

Services given by Bridget Barnes.

:: $90

Back Refresher

Soothe your back with a warm towel, salt scrub and finish with a refreshing eucalyptus back massage treatment.

:: $35
Add to massage :: $15

Raindrop Therapy

Combine powerful holistic healing techniques with use of pure essential oils, that balance & support all body systems. Essential oils are applied to the spine, neck and feet. Helps reduce stress, support immune system, detox body, balance nevous system, neck & spine conditions & overall well-being.

:: $90

New! Aromatherapy Massage

100% organic - pure Essential oils are carefully blended in your personalized massage treament to ensure many health benefits to your senses, skin, and entire body.

:: $90

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

An innovative healing technique using warmed himalyan, mineral-nutrient rich, hand carved massage stones to ground the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians.  Himalyan salt stone massage will simultaneously soothe away accumulation of stress, tension, pollutants, and bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance. Softens and gently exfoliates for skin rejuvenation.

:: $85