Hot Stone Services

Hot Stone Facial Massage

Warm oil and smooth stones are massaged onto your shoulders, neck, face and scalp to increase circulation. Restores and improves facial conditions, lifts skin, detoxify impurities. Facial massage, cleaning, scrub and moisturize treatment included.

:: $60

Hot Stone Massage

Our deepest relaxation treatment as warm stones are placed on specific relaxation points and alternately glide from head to toe for the deepest relaxation while your skin is hydrated with pure jojoba oil.

:: $90

LaStone Therapy

(The Original Hot Stone Massage)

Deepen your relaxation while you are softly massaged with pure essential oils as specifically placed stones, alance and give tranqulity. Smooth, warm, basalt and cool marble stones are alternated and massaged on your body to detoxify, relax and strengthen your immune system.

Services given by Bridget Barnes.

:: $90